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Fun Facts

  • The Verdict Ridge development is 526 acres in size.

  • The Verdict Ridge Golf and Country Club amenities total 190 acres.

  • Verdict Ridge is located on a historical site.

  • Verdict Ridge and the surrounding properties were once part of the Catawba Springs Hotel and Resort. During the 1800's, Senators, Congressmen and other affluent individuals would visit the area.

  • A resort was located on the adjacent property and visitors once bathed in the natural "springs" located on the two properties. The springs were thought to have "healing" powers. There are 8 natural springs on the Verdict Ridge property. We are still looking for the fountain of youth!

  • Verdict Ridge was formerly owned by Mr. Fred Withers, a retired school principal from Kings Mountain. Fred originally had a barn and shed for his equipment. These were located on the home sites bordering Hole #7. Today, Withers Drive is located in the community.

  • Verdict Ridge was originally known as "The Verdict." When the club applied for a trademark of the name, we were informed that MacGregor Golf Clubs and K-Mart, Inc. had a trademark on the name for the sale of a golf "driver." The two companies refused to grant the club permission to use the trademark, even though the club offered to sell the "Verdict" drivers in the pro shop. Since the property has many elevation changes, it was determined that "Verdict Ridge" would be appropriate.

  • Verdict Ridge was built in one year and eighteen days. November 3, 1997 was the first day of construction and November 21, 1998 was the first date of opening. Construction faced many challenges, including an El Nino winter that saw some of the worst rainfall in a decade.