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Course Tour

Hole One - Par 4

Hole # 1

The opening hole is a straight away par four with water down the left side and guarded by a fairway bunker. The safe play is the right side, but the best play is a drive that favors the left side, giving you a better approach to the green.

KEY: A very deep green requires you to play to the appropriate tier.
Black: 360
Blue: 324
White: 298
Gold: 275
Green: 271

Hole Two- Par 3

Hole # 2

A medium length par three awaits you on the second hole. Tour tee shot should favor the left side of the green. Shots left of the green feed back towards the green.

KEY: Right is a hazard and penalty by death!
Black: 209
Blue: 194
White: 180
Gold: 153
Green: 150

Hole Three - Par 5

Hole # 3

The first par five offers the best chance for birdie and for some an eagle. Tee shots should favor the right side for the best angle on your second shot. Avoid the fairway bunkers on your lay-up shot.

KEY: Going for it in two? Any long iron or wood shot just left and short of the green kicks forward and to the right.
Black: 516
Blue: 509
White: 422
Gold: 411
Green: 383

Course Tour

Hole Four - Par 4

Hole # 4

This is a wonderful par four that can play short or long depending on the wind. Your tee shot should favor the left side of the fairway but the safe shot is just to the right fairway bunker.

KEY: The green is deep and narrows at the back so pay close attention to the yardage and play for par.
Black: 461
Blue: 390
White: 361
Gold: 291
Green: 286

Hole Five - Par 4

Hole # 5

This short par four demands precision placement. Most tee shots are played over the fairway bunker on the left leaving a short iron approach. This green is narrow and deep, but the ridge in the middle of the green makes an accurate approach shot necessary.

KEY: Long hitters should consider a 3 wood or long iron off the tee.
Black: 376
Blue: 331
White: 287
Gold: 280
Green: 241

Hole Six - Par 5

Hole # 6

Play your tee shot just left of the tall Birch tree in the fairway. In planning your approach shot, be sure to consider the water right of the green as the slope of the green funnels balls in that direction.

KEY: Lay-up shots are often best played to 100 yards out to avoid the water to allow a full shot into the green.
Black: 534
Blue: 499
White: 461
Gold: 431
Green: 427

Course Tour

Hole Seven - Par 4

Hole # 7

This risk/reward par 4 slopes left to right so favor the left side. The fairway runs downhill at the 235 yd mark and most players play to the top of the slope to leave a middle to short iron to the green.

KEY: The more you bite off with the drive the shorter the second shot, but also the increased risk of danger.
Black: 377
Blue: 340
White: 301
Gold: 267
Green: 263

Hole Eight - Par 3

Hole # 8

This par three will test your nerves with a long iron shot and hard-to-hit green! Note the collection area on the left side of the green that funnels marginal shots off the green. Club selection is key and par is a great score.

KEY: Check the wind
Black: 227
Blue: 195
White: 169
Gold: 139
Green: 134

Hole Nine - Par 4

Hole # 9

The signature hole at Verdict Ridge. Big hitters may not want to hit a driver on this hole. Choose a club that will leave you 85 to 100 yards to the green. This green slopes severely from back to front so take note of the pin position. Be aware of the small collection pond on the left side of the green.

KEY: If the pin is on the top tier, you must get the ball to the hole.
Black: 347
Blue: 321
White: 289
Gold: 270
Green: 267

Course Tour

Hole Ten - Par 4

Hole # 10

This hole will ease you into the back nine. It is a straight ahead par four but you want to favor the left side of the fairway for your best angle into this multi-tiered green.

KEY: Pin the front, expect the best. Pin the back, expect a test!
Black: 416
Blue: 374
White: 357
Gold: 351
Green: 305

Hole Eleven - Par 3

Hole # 11

Protected wetlands guard the front of this par 3 and short is dead. Long and right into the bunker is the only bail-out to this guarded green.

KEY: Again the wind is the key to this hole, so take a second to get your yardage and then take the dead aim.
Black: 205
Blue: 178
White: 158
Gold: 116
Green: 99

Hole Twelve - Par 4

Hole # 12

This is the most demanding of par four on the course, yet one of the largest greens on the course.
Accuracy is a must off the tee to approach this green, which is guarded by bunkers on the right. To approach this elevated green, note the green depth & pin location.

Black: 444
Blue: 403
White: 365
Gold: 329
Green: 274

Course Tour

Hole Thirteen - Par 3

Hole # 13

This par 3 is the shortest of the course, yet varying winds and pin location can make this hole play as much as two or three clubs longer. Avoid the bunker on the left at all costs.

KEY: This green is almost 50 yards deep so club selection is crucial.
Black: 159
Blue: 141
White: 121
Gold: 116
Green: 100

Hole Fourteen - Par 4

Hole # 14

A rare dogleg left! Position off the tee and length of drive are very important. Play your drive down the right center of the fairway to give yourself the best angle to the green.

KEY: Left side of the fairway is blocked out by trees. Long hitters may consider hitting a long iron or fairway wood off the tee.
Black: 387
Blue: 367
White: 314
Gold: 287
Green: 279

Hole Fifteen - Par 4

Hole # 15

Tee Shots on this par four should always favor the right side. A second shot over a hazard to a sloping two-tiered green is a true test.

KEY: Tee shots toward the cart path on the right side generally feed down to the middle of the fairway.
Black: 410
Blue: 369
White: 334
Gold: 312
Green: 308

Course Tour

Hole Sixteen - Par 5

Hole # 16

A risk/reward par five with O.B. on both sides of the hole. Your third shot plays uphill so pay attention to wind and pin placement.

KEY: Players trying to reach in two may consider playing over the boulder right of the green, which then funnels left to the back tier. If the pin is front, use the slope in the middle as a back-stop.
Black: 506
Blue: 489
White: 474
Gold: 360
Green: 355

Hole Seventeen - Par 4

Hole # 17

This sharp dogleg right will test your shot making abilities as the hole is made for a power fade off the tee. Avoid the fairway bunker by playing down the right side, but note the Out of Bounds right of right. The approach is uphill, particularly to the back of the green and typically requires an extra club.

KEY: If the pin is left, use the slope in the middle to funnel your ball to the hole.
Black: 408
Blue: 381
White: 370
Gold: 244
Green: 238

Hole Eighteen - Par 5

Hole # 18

The hardest hole on the course from any tees. The fairway on this hole slopes severely from left to right and most players will NOT use a driver here as a hazard is the end of the fairway. Play your lay-up shot to the 100 yard mark on the right side of the fairway.

KEY: Par is a great score and birdie always brings home the money!
Black: 584
Blue: 515
White: 478
Gold: 442
Green: 391