2017 Junior Golf Programs

Adult/Junior Tournaments

With the previuos success of the Adult/Junior Tournaments in the past, and in an effort to get the whole family involved in the game of golf, the Verdict Ridge staff will be offering additional Adult/Junior Golf Tournaments in 2017. We have plans to schedule at least one event per month, and are in the process of determining dates for the upcoming year. We will host different formats, and all skill levels will be encouraged to participate. Be on the lookout in upcoming newsletters for tournament dates and times. Be prepared to mark your calendar, and make your way to the golf course to play in these fun events. Contact the golf shop for more information.


Junior Golf Team Practice

Junior Golf team practice will be offered each Wednesday throughout the year for those juniors interested in learning the game of golf. All skill levels are welcome. The forty-five minute sessions are a perfect mix of fun and instruction for the kids. Many aspects of the game, including short game techniques and full swing fundamentals are covered. Rules and etiquette are reviewed often and good sportsmanship is encouraged. 
We will continue to have the afternoon Junior Golf Practice throughout the winter months, weather permitting.  Practice will be held on Wednesday afternoons from 4:00-4:45. All skill levels are encouraged to participate. Cost of the practice is $15 per student. Practice is contingent upon weather conditions so please contact the golf shop at 704-489-1206 to confirm the practice will be conducted, and to register your junior golfer.

Juniors interested in private golf lessons are priced as follows:

age 10 and under............$15 for 30 minutes
age 11-17........................$20 for 60 minutes

Lessons may be scheduled with dan.farrow@yahoo.com or calling the pro shop 704-489-1206.     

Junior Golf Camp

Beginner and intermediate golfers will enjoy these great Golf Camps! Emphasis will be developing the golf swing fundamentals, short game skills and course etiquette in a fun environment. We will take the first 20 juniors that sign up for the camp. The cost of the camp will be $70 per child with snacks, drinks and prizes awarded. This year the camps will be held April 17th-19th, June 12th-14th, July 17th-19th, and August 14th-16th from 10am-12pm with the future golfers of America. You can sign up for any or all of them by Contacting the Pro Shop at 704-489-1206. 

 Lake Norman Junior Interclub
Junior Golf Interclub, Ages 6-17

The Junior Interclub program offers junior golfers an opportunity to compete with other golfers their age. The Interclub Team has four age groups: 8 and under, 9-11, 12-14 and 15-17. Throughout the year, 9-hole stroke-play matches are arranged with local country clubs, with prizes for the top 3 golfers in each age group.There are 11 interclub matches scheduled and will be posted as soon as all matches are confirmed. Local clubs committed to the interclub are Verdict Ridge, Cowans Ford, Northstone, and Trump National.
Since this is a new program here at Verdict Ridge, listed below are some of the particulars.

1. Age groups range from 8 & under, 9-11, 12-14 and 15-17. Ages 8 & under, 9-11, 12-14, will play the front nine and 15-17 will play the back nine. A maximum total of 16 juniors per club, per event may participate. If our club has more thane 16 players signed up for an event we will choose our team based on participation, practice, and attitude towards themselves and others.

2. All age groups play 9 holes and return a score.  The younger age groups (8 & under and 9-11) will have parents assist with scoring and transportation throughout golf course.Triple Bogey rule is in effect for 8&under, 9-11, and 12-14. Double Par rule is in effect for 15-17 age group.

3. Medals/Trophies will be given to the top 3 finishers in each age group.

4. Points will be awarded to top finishers in each age group.  Points carry over from match to match to determine the winning club for the year.

Points Awarded:
1st – 6 Pts
2nd – 5 Pts
3rd – 4 Pts
4th – 3 Pts
5th – 2 Pts
6th – 1 Pt

5. Cost to be a interclub team member is $75 per junior each and can be paid at the Pro Shop.  This expense covers the team shirts, hats, and the end of season banquet. The cost to participate for each match is $10. To be paid on site at the host course.  This fee includes snacks, drinks and awards. Snacks and drinks are for the juniors only. 

6. Each match starts between at 3 PM on either Saturdays or Sundays.  This is up to the host course. 

7. To participate on the Junior Interclub team a player must be a child or grandchild of a member. 



Sunday April 2nd @ River Run  - 3pm
Saturday April 22nd @ The Peninsula Club  - 3pm
Saturday April 29th @ Cowan's Ford   - 3pm


Saturday May 13 @ Verdict Ridge, 3pm
Sunday May 21 @ Northstone, 3pm


Sunday June 11 @ Northstone, 3pm


Saturday July 22 @ Trump National. 3pm


Sunday August 6th @ River Run, 3pm
Sunday August 27th @ Verdict Ridge. 3pm


No Tournaments


Saturday October 21 @ Cowan's Ford, 3pm
Saturday October 28 @ Peninsula Club, 3pm


Intermediate Junior Golf Play Days

The golf professional staff has assisted in cultivating a great core nucleus of intermediate junior golfers that we would like to help in getting their games to the next level. We think to do this, that these golfers need to play more often to become more experienced players. We are going to reserve a couple of tee times on Tuesday and Thursday after 12 noon for these juniors to come out and play for score.
The staff will assist the juniors in coming up with creative and competitive games to play. We would like for the players to keep precise and accurate scores. With these scores, we will assist the juniors in tracking their rounds and posting their scores to establish a USGA handicap. We will also keep a ringer board to record each player’s lowest score on each hole.
When junior golfers compete at the middle and high school levels, one of the requirements is that the golfers must walk the course during practice and competitions. We all concede that Verdict Ridge is a very difficult course to walk. Therefore, we are willing to make a few concessions.  We will allow some of the older juniors to escort some of the younger juniors in a golf cart during their rounds. This will be allowed only in the case of adult supervision. We have had parents of the invited juniors express interest in chaperoning the individual groups while they play. This will be a requirement by the club to allow these juniors to take a cart on these specific play days. Amid liability and safety concerns, this rule cannot be waived. Junior play days are reserved for members only.

Contact Information

For more information about Junior Golf Programs, contact Dan Farrow at dan.farrow@yahoo.com or call the Golf Shop at (704) 489-1206.